How to Crochet a Beanie - Free Pattern!

What you will need:

A 5.5 mm hook


Yarn needle



For this hat I used Lion Brand heartland yarn

Weight 4

Color: rocky mountains 


Ch- Chain

SL- Slip stitch

SC- Single crochet

DEC- Decrease


We start by making the “headband” portion, the section that wraps around your head.


Foundation: make a slip knot and chain 9

(If you would like to make the headband section larger or smaller, feel free to chain more or less!)

Row1: Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook and single crochet across (8), ch 1, turn

Row2: SC across 8

Row 3-70: repeat row 2 until the headband section comfortably fits around your head.

To seem together fold the rectangle you’ve just made in half, touching the two ends together (making sure the headband is not twisted) insert your hook through the first stitch on the same side that you’ve ended on, and then though the first stitch of the following side, SL, insert hook in the next stitch each end, SL, repeat until the headband is seemed up!, Ch1


Now, to make the top of the cap, you are working in the round:


In the round

Row 1: SC in the first stitch and every stitch around until you reach the starting point, SL

Row 2-14: Continue working in the round, SC in each stitch around 

Row15-20: SC in the first 5 stitches, DEC, *SC 5, DEC* repeat * - * all the way around, 

Row 21-24: *SC 2, DEC* repeat all the way around

Row 25-26: *SC, DEC* repeat all the way around

Row 27-finish: DEC in every stitch 


Cut yarn leaving tail and weave in the ends! 

heres the link to a video if you get stuck or want to follow along <3

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